Greeting Old Friends

When the seasons change, I enjoy going into my closet and my dresser drawers and greeting old friends.

My long-sleeved shirt drawer gets no attention from me from May through August. In early September, I take a peek to reacquaint myself with what I wore last fall, winter, and spring. Some of them I don’t even remember owning, while others fill me delight to think that I will be able to wear them again soon.

The same goes with the long-sleeved blouses and pants in my closet. Even though I’ve been in there every day over the summer accessing my shorts and my sleeveless tops, I have been thoroughly ignoring everything else.

In New York City, fall came in with a vengeance a few days ago, and I’ve had to dip into my cool weather clothes sooner than I expected. I am in the enviable position of having lost around 15 pounds since I last wore them, so putting them on anew is a pleasant experience. Things that were too tight on me in the spring now fit comfortably, even loosely.

I’m a firm believer that everything you wear should make you feel fabulous. (See The Ex-Factor.) Anything that I am not enthusiastic about seeing again after four months is likely to be a casualty. There are always a few items that I see for the first time in months and say, “What are you still doing here? I never liked you.” Those are the ones that go right away into the donation bin. There are others that, after putting them on for the first time in months, I realize that I no longer adore, and they go into the bin as well. Some items I have to wear again before I remember that the sleeves were annoying or the pants kept riding up.

When you dip back into your fall clothes this year, give them a critical eye. Which ones are old friends, and which are merely acquaintances? Take this opportunity to sweep out the unloved while there are still plenty of options in the stores to replace them!

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