What’s Your New Normal?

In March, when everything around the country began shutting down and most of us starting working from home, there was no way to know when things would go back to normal. Now that three months have passed, it’s not clear what normal is anymore.

I read yesterday that 60% of U.S. workers who were doing their jobs from home during the pandemic said that they want to continue working remotely, even after public health restrictions are lifted. (This is according to a Gallup poll conducted in April and reported in the AARP Bulletin.) This may dovetail nicely with employers who have realized how much money they could save in rent by having their employees work from home permanently.

Makeshift solutions for working from home — thrown together hastily back in March — may need to be revisited and made more robust if working from home continues beyond the pandemic. Some of the changes could include:

  • Setting up your work area ergonomically
  • Providing closed storage for laptops and cables when they are not in use
  • Creating a filing system for work-related papers
  • Carving out a permanent work location in a small home.

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