Getting Out of Your Own Way

Raise your hand if you are good at making excuses to avoid doing something. (I would raise mine, but then I wouldn’t be able to continue typing.)

If you’ve been reading my Organizing Tips for a while, you may remember that six years ago, I lost 40 pounds. You can find those details in “Lightening the Load“. Then I wrote about having kept the weight off for one year in “Keeping It Off‘”.

Given all the wisdom that I shared in those posts, it amazes me that I didn’t take my own advice earlier this year when I made a New Year’s Resolution to take off the weight I had gained last fall during an incredibly busy and stressful time. I thought I could do it myself, without any help. Then when the pandemic rolled around and I was staying at home, I made excuses like “I need to snack on comfort foods to make this crazy situation bearable” and “I need my daily glass of Prosecco and would go mad without it.”

I finally got sick of those rationalizations. Three weeks ago, I reached out to my nutritionist Carly Feigan. She welcomed me back enthusiastically and we immediately started on designing a food plan that would help me to achieve my weight loss goal.

Although I had used the pandemic as an excuse to avoid losing weight, I’ve discovered that this is actually an ideal time to get started on a new food regimen. I’ve got loads of time to shop, cook, and track my eating. It’s also a great way for me to feel in control of my life during a time in which everything feels out of control. I feel pretty stupid for not realizing this earlier and getting my weight loss project started weeks ago. I guess I’m only human.

So what excuses have you been making to avoid changes in your life? What rationalizations have prevented you from taking that first step to achieving an important goal? Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, and we just need to get out of our own way.


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