Making Lemonade

We were hoping that things would go back to normal in a few weeks. Now it’s clear that this crazy new way of life will be measured in months, not weeks.

Last week I exhorted you to take care of those projects that you have been putting off. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to, in the hope that it will inspire you.

Photo Project

After finishing my 2019 photo album last week, I got started on a long overdue project. Ten years ago, I arranged for the digitization of some negatives from my daughter’s childhood. (I went digital in 2002, when she was 5). Four years ago, I had the rest of the negatives digitized. It was fun to have all of those pictures available at the click of a mouse. I organized them by year but it was still hard to find a particular photo when I wanted one. The next project on my list was to organize the rolls by date and give every photo a name so that it can be easily searched.

I started this project a few days ago. I’m not quite halfway through. It’s slow going, but it is also fun. I keep showing favorite photos to my husband and daughter and having a good laugh at what a knucklehead she was (and how young we were.) Seeing how time-consuming this is, I know I would not have been able to make strides on this if it were not for the fact that we are semi-quarantined.

Rediscovering Real Books

I got a Kindle in 2012, and I have been happily reading e-books every since. I love my Kindle because it is lightweight and slim and can be easily carried in my bag to be read on subways and buses. It’s also a godsend on insomniac nights, as I can read without disturbing my husband. I’ve already finished 17 e-books this year!

I have an entire shelf of books that I want to read, but I overlook them as I gleefully take another e-book out of the library. However, now that I am housebound, I have decided to make a dent in that shelf.

Organizing Virtually

Since I’m no longer making house calls, I’ve started doing Virtual Organizing. (Yes, it’s a real thing.) So far, my Virtual Organizing experience has been helping clients prioritize their projects and block out their time, as well as providing clients with ideas for getting past organizing roadblocks. If you have an organizing project on which you can use my help, let’s figure out how we can make that work.