My New Favorite Shredder

The last time I wrote about a shredder was in 2013. (See My Favorite Shredder). I had become infatuated with my client’s shredder because it was so easy to empty. When mine bit the dust a couple of years later, I got the chance to buy that shredder for myself.

Fellowes PowerShred 62MC

Recently, my shredder started sending clear indications that it was on its last legs. (Do shredders have legs?) Unfortunately, Fellowes no longer made that model, but I selected another model that has a slide-out bin. And I have been positively thrilled with it!

The Fellowes PowerShred 62MC doesn’t have legs, but it does have wheels. This is a very handy feature, because shredders are heavy! The wheels allow me to easily move it to a more convenient place when I’m emptying it.

It’s important to have a trusted shredder in your home so that you can shred papers as you go along, rather than waiting until you have a huge quantity of paper to be shredded and then having to take it to Staples or the UPS Store.


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