Unsubscribe Permanently from Credit Card Offers

A few days ago, I found three identical envelopes in my mailbox from my bank. They were business credit card offers, and they were address to each member of my family: me, my husband, and my daughter. In an effort to stop these annoying offers from coming, I called the toll free number listed on the application and told the representative that I wanted to opt out. She gave me another number which turned out to be the customer service department. That representative gave me yet another phone number, which was the one that yielded the result I wanted.

When I called that number, a recording gave me three options: opt out of credit card offers for five years, add yourself back to the list to get credit card offers (who would do that?), and the magic option: opt out of them PERMANENTLY!

It was a tedious automated process, because I had to punch in my social security number and my birthday, and correct their rendition of my name (they had my last name as my first name and my first initial as my last name). I also had to confirm my address, which they already knew (spooky). Then I had the option to do the same process for my family members, which I did.

Want to opt out from credit card offers permanently? Call 888-567-8688. If you prefer, you can do it online at www.optoutprescreen.com.

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