My Love Affair with Command™ Hooks

If you’ve been reading my organizing tips for a while, it should come as no surprise to you that I love Command™ Hooks. If you’re not familiar with them, let me elucidate. They are a line of hooks, strips, and other products that can be adhered to a wall or other smooth surface without damaging it.

Command™ hooks are all over my house. Here are some of the ways in which I use them:

  • Outside the entryway closet door: a hook for a wet coat to dry out before going back in the closet.
  • Inside the entryway closet door: hooks for my handbag, shoehorn, and spare keys.
  • In the living room: Round Cord Clips to manage a speaker’s electrical cord.
  • In the kitchen: hooks on which to hang potholders, a strainer, and my frequently-used pans. (See my tips Keeping a Lid on Your Pots and Pans and Little Things Mean A Lot.)
  • In my bedroom closet: two Quartz Jewelry and Scarf Racks to hang my necklaces, and a hook for pajamas. (See my tip Hang Your Necklaces.)
  • Outside the bathroom door: a hook for a nightgown or bathrobe.
  • In my daughter’s bedroom: hooks on the outside of her closet doors to hang damp exercise clothes and handbags.

Command™ Bath Satin Nickel Hair Dryer Holder

In my daughter’s dorm rooms over the years, we used various Command™ products, including hooks for bags and Poster Strips for decorating the walls. They are great for a dorm room because everything has to come down at the end of the year, and Command™ products are so easy to remove. I’ve used Command™ products with many of my clients as well, such as the Broom Gripper, which keeps your brooms and mops handy and off the floor.

Some Command™ products that I haven’t used yet but which fascinate me are:

Command™ hooks come in multiple finishes, including white, clear, and metallic. I’m particularly enamored of the metallic ones, as they complement any decor.

You can see the full Command™ product line and FAQs on the official website.

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