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Command™ Clear Jewelry Racks

I was researching some jewelry storage options for a client when I came across a new product by one of my favorite brands: Command™. I have long extolled the virtues of Command™ Hooks. (See, most recently, Little Things Mean A Lot.) So I was excited to see that they had a new product, Command™ Clear Jewelry Racks. The Clear Jewelry Racks come packaged as two v-shaped pieces of plastic with 3 pegs each. Use your creativity to decide how to position them.

For years, I kept my necklaces in a jewelry box. A few years ago, I started wearing chunkier necklaces, and the jewelry box didn’t work for those. So I hung them on the belt and tie rack that was installed on the wall in my walk-in closet. I still kept my more delicate necklaces in the jewelry box. That solution worked for me for a while, but recently I realized that because I couldn’t see all of my necklaces at the same time, there were some I was continually overlooking. When I saw the Command™ Clear Jewelry Racks, I decided it was time for me to hang my delicate necklaces in the closet as well. My plan was to buy a package of Clear Jewelry Racks and add them to the closet wall.

My jewelry racks

I was in Staples buying some products for another client when I saw another new Command™ product: the Command™ Quartz Jewelry and Scarf Rack. It was so pretty! The quartz knobs really sparkled. I bought one and hung some of my delicate necklaces on it. I loved it so much that I bought a second one! The design of the Quartz Jewelry and Scarf Rack is more suitable to my setup than the Clear Jewelry Rack because the straight-line design echoes the straight line of the belt and tie rack above it. The quartz knobs are spaced further apart than the tie pins, so I moved the more delicate necklaces to the top and some of the chunkier ones to the bottom.

I’m so pleased with this product. Like all Command™ products, it installs and removes easily, and won’t damage the wall. If you’re looking for a better way to organize your necklaces or bracelets, you can’t go wrong with either of these Command™ products. Let your space requirements and your decor be the guide. Unless you’re like me and your head can be turned by some sparkly quartz knobs!

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