Give Back Box

If you do a lot of mail order, as I do, you are frequently recycling cardboard boxes. Would you like to know a better use for those boxes?

Give Back Box is a charity that was established to reuse those cardboard boxes to donate clothing and small household items. Simply pack up your unwanted items in the empty box, go to to print a label, and mail it to Goodwill for free. You can drop off your package at a local UPS store or have it picked up by your mail carrier. If you would like to take a tax deduction for your donation, you can print a receipt.

You can include any household items in addition to clothes, shoes, and jewelry. (Please do not include electronics; liquids; fragile, hazardous, or volatile items; or ammunition.) If you want more information, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions on the Give Back Box website as well as the Goodwill website.

Once you start filling a box, you realize just how much stuff you can get rid of in your home. Give it a try!



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