Shoe Bags Are Not Just For Shoes

When is a shoe bag not a shoe bag?

Shoe bag - belts

A shoe bag for belts

I specialize in organizing small spaces, so I’m always looking for creative ways to store my clients’ items. I love using the inside of closet doors to gain extra space. Shoe bags are a favorite of mine to get shoes off the floor and keep them visible.

But shoe bags are not just for shoes. Anything small that can get easily misplaced can be stored in a shoe bag. I recommend clear plastic shoe bags because you can see everything at a glance.

I recently worked with a client who had great closets but was not using the inside of her closet doors at all. We hung Command™ hooks inside some of her doors to hang jewelry and scarves. We also hung three clear shoe bags, one in the hall closet and one in each of her two bedroom closets. They came with over-the-door hooks, but her doors (like mine) are too thick so I used picture hooks to hang them.

We filled the shoe bag in the hall closet with umbrellas, gloves, sunglasses, and glasses cases. In the bedroom, we filled one shoe bag with pantyhose, and another with belts. She was delighted with how easy it was to see her stuff, and how everything was kept out of sight until it was needed.

Another thing I like about shoe bags is that they provide limits. The shoe bags we used had 24 slots each. That provided an incentive for her to review the items as we put them in so that we could prevent the slots from getting overstuffed. She did get rid of quite a bit, keeping just her favorites.

Are there places in your home where you can use shoe bags, whether for shoes or something totally different?


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