Useful Stocking Stuffers

I just bought two of the cutest – and most useful – little items that would be great stocking stuffers for those of you who buy such things!

Pocket Monkey

Pocket Monkey

The Pocket Monkey is a multi-tool that is small, light, and flat enough to fit into a wallet. It can be used as a bottle opener, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver. micro screwdriver (for glasses and battery covers), phone kickstand, hex wrench in 6 sizes, orange peeler, door latch slip, earbuds cord wrap, letter opener, ruler, and straight edge! Because I go to so many different homes in my work with organizing clients, I often find myself in need of a tool that the client doesn’t have. The letter opener function alone will save me many paper cuts. The Pocket Monkey is made by Zootility Tools, which also makes other handy pocket tools (including the Hedgehog, which includes a comb). You can purchase it directly from Zootility or from Amazon. I got mine from The Grommet, which offered a good price for two of them, so now my husband has one, too. The Grommet has a lot of other fun stocking stuffers.

Whooz iPhone LabelWhooz makes labels that will help you identify your iPhone, iPod, and iPad chargers, as well as your earbuds. They make different designs, but all are utterly adorable! The photo I’ve included here is the label that looks like a dog and is part of the set called “Domesticated”, which also includes a cat, bird, and fish. If you’ve ever wondered if a generic-looking charger plug, cord, or pair of earbuds belong to you or someone else, you’ll want a set of these. I purchased mine directly from Whooz, as they had the full range of designs. (I originally saw this product on The Grommet but they had only one design available). Of course they are available on Amazon as well.

Enjoy your shopping!

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