It’s In The Bagg

Designer shoes and handbags are just not in my DNA.  I am apparently missing that segment of the X chromosome.  However, I have been in enough female clients’ closets to know that I am in the minority.

I’ve worked with clients long enough to know that letting go of something you no longer use or love is especially hard if you paid a lot of money for it.  That means that designer shoes and handbags often stick around past their expiration date.

One of my organizing maxims is “Turn your trash into cash!”  If you’ve got designer handbags that you are ready to part with, I’m happy to introduce you to Rebagg.

Rebagg is an internet startup whose mission is to be “the authority in buying the most wanted authenticated luxury fashion items and to make the selling experience as easy as possible”.  I’ve spoken to the head of business development at Rebagg and I was impressed with their business model — and their enthusiasm!


Here is how the process works.  Take photos of your bag and send them to  If they feel that they can sell your bag, they will send you a price quote.  They guarantee that exact price and pay you upfront.  No need to wait until the item sells.  You can either order a free prepaid box to ship the bag to them, or they can come to you at no charge if you have 2 or more items.

I like Rebagg so much that I signed up to be an affiliate.  Just use the code OrganizingGoddess when you sell them your item.

Let me know how you do.

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