Trash Talk

The rules about what to throw out and what to recycle get more complicated as time goes on.  I’ve written before about what gets recycled here in New York City and what just gets thrown in the trash. My most recent post on this topic was Plastics Recycling Grows Up, but if you search this blog for the word “recycling”, you’ll find many more posts on this subject.  Even as of January 1 of this year, we have new rules about electronic waste.

I was very happy to discover that the NYC Department of Sanitation has a new feature on its web site called “How To Get Rid Of“.  My sister and I have been clearing out our parents’ apartment, and we are doing our best to recycle whatever is recyclable.  Occasionally, however, we are stumped.  By going to this site and searching on the type of item we are disposing of, we can find out whether to throw it in the trash can or put it in one of the specially marked receptacles.

Your local sanitation department may have a similar site.

There are also local groups that provide recycling of items that your local laws don’t.  Here in New York, we have the Lower East Side Ecology Center and Upper Green Side, among others.  Do an internet search on the item you want to recycle and see what pops up.  The environment will thank you.

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