Gems Among the Stocking Stuffers

As a Professional Organizer, I find the holiday season agonizing.  So much emphasis on shopping — buying things that will be given to people who probably don’t even want them.

I love getting my weekly e-mails from the Container Store, but when they sent me one about this year’s collection of “Stocking Stuffers”, I got nervous. Stocking stuffers are the ultimate junky gift — emphasizing quantity and low price over quality.  The Container Store offers free shipping if you order $100 worth of stocking stuffers.  That made me even more nervous.  How many of these stocking stuffers will I be cleaning out of my clients’ homes over the next couple of years?

When I checked out the Container Store’s stocking stuffer offerings, I found some very silly ones.  (Cork Decorating Kit?  Wine ‘O Bag?  Inflatable Crown?)  But I also found some items that I think could be really useful.  So useful, in fact, that I plan on buying them!  Here are my favorites.

Macaroon Earbud Holder.  This little mushroom-shaped suction cup let’s you attach your earbuds to your smart phone when they are not in use.

Cord Buddy®.  One of several products on the market that prevent your charger cord from falling off your desk when nothing is attached to it.

Cable Keep™.  Wrap up your charger cord for safe and compact stowage in your purse or backpack.  And it looks like a little fish.  Functional, and cute!  (There are some other cord wraps in the stocking stuffer list.)

Doggie Pick-Up Pouch.  I already have a bag holder hanging on my dog’s leash.  But this one can hold TWO rolls of bags, which is a really good idea.  Because there’s nothing worse than using  your last bag and then discovering your dog isn’t done.  Know what I’m saying, dog owners?

Extendable Wood Back Scratcher.  I always joke with my husband that if I got a back scratcher and a step stool, I wouldn’t need him anymore.  So when I mentioned to him that I was planning to buy a back scratcher, I expected some pushback.  But he think’s it’s a great idea.

Go ahead and see what gems you can find among the Container Store’s stocking stuffers.

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