Your Digital Afterlife

One of the most eye-opening sessions that I attended earlier this year at the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) was entitled “Creating a Will for your Virtual Life”.   Heather Ahern, a Massachusetts-based Professional Organizer, said that you should create a digital estate plan to ensure the appropriate disposition of your digital assets, just as you would do with your tangible assets.

Since attending that session, I’ve come across a number of articles — in AARP Magazine, in the New York Times, on the web — on this topic.  I also read a book entitled “Your Digital Afterlife” by Evan Carroll and John Romano.   I highly recommend this book, as it goes into this complex subject in great detail and features a template to enable you to document all of your on-line accounts and determine what should happen to them and who will be responsible.  One of the authors, Evan Carroll, also runs a blog called The Digital Beyond which features this fascinating infographic about what will happen to your information.

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