A New Spin on Consignment

In my last tip, I spoke about letting go of clothes that don’t make you look fabulous.  If you’ve taken my advice, you now have a pile of clothes you no longer want.  But what should you do with them?

Everyone has a tendency to put a higher dollar value on their possessions than anyone is willing to pay.  This is particularly true for expensive clothes.  No matter how much wear someone has gotten out of their expensive or designer items, he or she usually thinks that some one is willing to pay a pretty penny to own them second hand.

For that reason, many of my clients want to take their unwanted high-end clothes to a consignment store.  Most consignment stores that I have encountered are extremely picky about which clothes they will take, and even if the clothes sell, the financial remuneration to the original owner is usually fairly low.

A new type of consignment store has arisen on the internet.  Rather than schlepping your clothes to a store, undergoing the tense item-by-item review by the store personnel, and schlepping the rejects home again, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home.

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