Dispose of the Clothes

Maria's Ugly Dress

Maria’s Ugly Dress

Have you ever seen the movie “The Sound of Music”?  Julie Andrews, playing a would-be nun, has been sent from the abbey to the von Trapp family as the new governess.  Captain Von Trapp requests that before she meets his seven children, she change into a different dress.  She tells him that she doesn’t have another dress, since they are required to give all their worldly goods to the poor when entering the abbey.  “What about this dress?” he asks.  “The poor didn’t want this one,” she replies.

I often think of this scene when working with my clients on paring down their clothing collections.  For some of my clients, clothes that become worn out or soiled simply get downgraded.  While new clothes continue to come into the house, old ones never leave.  Either they become “clothes I wear for hanging around the house”, “clothes I sleep in”,  or “workout clothes”.

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