One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

You know that item that you bought a long time ago but you never used it and now it just clutters up your closet?  Yeah, that one.

We had a closet full of those.  Well, not a whole closet.  But what we had was bulky, so it seemed like it.

A few weeks ago, I decided that the large unused items had to go, and  I made some plans for them.  One item, a full-sized piano keyboard which connects to a computer so that you can digitally record what you are playing, was close to celebrating its 6th anniversary in our closet.  It was still in the original box and had never been used.

I put it out in the living room so that we would remember to carry it down to the trash room, hoping that someone in our building would see it and take it.

The next day my personal trainer walked in for our workout.  He plays in a couple of bands when he is not training.   He spied the keyboard box and got excited.  It turns out he has a smaller version of this, which he uses when he writes music.  The larger version would be a true upgrade.

“Do you want it?” I asked.  “You bet I do!” was his reply.   At the end of my workout, he left with the keyboard, and he has made good use of it ever since.

I’m still amazed how this poor unloved and unused albatross went overnight from a burden (ours) to a blessing (his).

So go get those unwanted items out of your closets and drawers and cabinets.  Make a list and tell everyone you know that you are giving away these useful items for free.  Whatever is left over, donate to a thrift shop.  Get the enjoyment of knowing that your trash has become someone else’s treasure.

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