Save Time With Labels

I love return address labels.  I’m guessing that I’m not the only one, since charities send out return address labels to get on your good side and guilt you into sending them money.

Some of my clients hold on to every return address label that was ever sent to them, even though they have so many that the labels will most likely outlast them.  Personally, I play favorites, keeping only the ones that I really like or that reflect the charities I truly support.

However, I must have been too picky, as I discovered recently that I was out of address labels.   Yikes!  So I made my own.

I used Avery labels and MS Word.  Within minutes, I had thirty little personalized return address labels.  Much faster than hand-writing my return address, and no writer’s cramp!

I have found it such a time saver to make labels to eliminate repetitive writing.  Here are some other uses that I have found for computerized label making.

I bank at TD Bank.  The ATM deposit envelopes have spaces in which to write your name and account number.  I created labels so that I never have to write those in.

I keep my holiday card list in MS Word.  That makes it easy to review and update every year, and even easier to generate the labels when I’m ready.  Maybe that’s why I always get my cards out the first week in December . . .

If there are things that you have to write over and over again, consider automating those tasks by using labels.

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