Toiletries for Travel

When you are getting ready for a trip, do you find packing your toiletries to be the most time-consuming?  Here’s a foolproof way to ease your packing: create a toiletry travel kit.

Start by creating a list of every toiletry, medication, or household product that you use during a typical day.  The best way to do that is to mentally walk through your daily routine and write down everything you use:  toothbrush, toothpaste, vitamins, shampoo, razor, hair gel, blow dryer, facial moisturizer . . .  you get the idea.  If this is too hard to do in your head, then put a pad in your bathroom and create the list over a full day.

Once you have compiled your list, buy a small travel size of each item.  Buy them in your drug store, or purchase empty travel bottles and pour your favorites into them (don’t forget to label those bottles – you think you’ll remember what each one is, but you won’t).   If you’re having trouble finding the items you need, go to  Where possible, buy containers that are refillable.

Gather all of these items together, assess how much size they take up, and then buy something to carry them in.  You can find some kits at your local drug store, and there is also a big selection on the Container Store website.   Search on the word “travel” and then take a look at the options.

Of course, if you are flying by air, you’ll have to put the liquid items into a ziploc bag and present them at security.  However, once you are at your destination, return them to your kit for the duration of the trip.

Before each trip, be sure to review the contents of your kit to see what needs refilling, and to remove any items you no longer use.

Happy travels!


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