A Fun Way To Organize Your Pet Toys

Dogs and cats spend a lot of time on the floor.  As a result, so do their toys.  Having their toys underfoot is no fun.

Even though my dog has only a couple of toys, I was excited to discover this adorable product at the Container Store which is actually meant for a completely different purpose.

These Animal Drawer Organizers are intended to organize children’s things inside a drawer.  But they are perfect for organizing your pet’s toys.  They come in two designs — pink with a cat face, and brown with a dog face — and in two sizes (in the photo, the brown one is a small, the pink one is a large).

I have the small brown one for my dog’s toys.  It sits in my living room underneath one of my end tables, which makes it very easy for us to grab a toy when we need one, but also easy to clean up with company is coming.  And it’s so cute!

They seem to be selling out, so if you like them, act quickly.  (The web site indicates that the pink ones are not available online anymore but may still be in stores).

If your dog or cat has a lot of toys, you may want to try the Animal Storage Stool.   At approximately 11 inches in each direction, it’s bigger than the drawer inserts and has a padded lid.



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