Getting Help When You Need It

It’s hard to ask for help, especially if it’s something that you feel you should be able to do on your own.  “Why can’t I do this?” you ask yourself.  “Everybody else can.  What’s wrong with me?”

This feeling often prevents individuals from contacting a Professional Organizer, even when clutter is bringing down the quality of their lives.  So I’d like to share with you my experience with two professionals that I hired to do something that “everyone else” can seemingly do on their own.

For nearly five years, I have been exercising with the help of a Personal Trainer.   My current trainer, Stephen Flam of Pinnacle Fitness and Wellness, comes to my apartment twice a week and makes me work out.  Are other people able to go to the gym and work out on their own?  Certainly.  Would I work out if Stephen didn’t come and make me do it?  Very unlikely!   Not only does his presence ensure that I work out regularly, but he pushes me harder than I ever would on my own, and he comes up with innovative ideas that keep me interested and ensure that my capabilities improve over time.  Every time he brings in a new piece of equipment for me, or introduces a new exercise, I moan, “I can’t do that”.  But within a few weeks, I can.

A few months ago, I hired another professional who changed my life.  Silfath Pinto of Stylosophy is an Image Consultant who advises clients on how to dress to maximize their physical assets.   I had known Silfath for a year and a half, and I kept telling myself that I would hire her as soon as I lost some weight.  Well, that was not happening, so I decided to just take the plunge.  While I thought I knew what looked good on me, I had been frustrated by the changes in fashions and found it difficult to shop.

For our first appointment, Silfath came to my home and reviewed my clothes, letting me know what was working for me and what wasn’t.   For our second appointment, she took me shopping and I discovered that there really were clothes out there that would work for me.  Our last appointment was back at my home, where Silfath combined the clothes she had helped me buy and the clothes I bought on my own into interesting outfits, along with accessories.

For years, I have been saying that I hate shopping.  Now, when I have a free day, I can’t wait to search for more clothes that make me feel fashionable and sexy!   By the way, I ended up donating about half of my clothes to charity.  Now everything in my closet is something that looks good on me.

Do other people know how to shop for clothes that look good on them without help?  Absolutely.  Did I?   Apparently not.

I’m so glad to have these professionals in my life helping me to become a better version of what I could accomplish on my own.  I’ve got my own “Team Sharon”.

I hope my experience will encourage you to reach out for help where you need it.  And if you need help with clutter — you know how to reach me.

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