Hooks at Your Command

One of my six basic organizing principles is “Think Vertically”.  I advise my New York City clients to take advantage of wall space, since we don’t have much in the way of floor space!  Like skyscrapers, we have no place to expand except up.

That’s why one of my favorite organizing products is Command™ Hooks by 3M.   Command™ Hooks come in a variety of types, styles, and finishes — and the best part is, they won’t ruin your wall.  They stick to the wall but are easily removable.   If you need to take one down and move it, no problem.

I have used Command™ Hooks for many purposes:

  • Keep potholders handy next to the stove
  • Prevent keys from being misplaced
  • Stow my coat on the back of my office door
  • Store my handbag inside the closet
  • Mount a shoe bag

In addition to hooks, Command™ products include picture hangers, cord organizers, and charging stations.   There’s even a new water-resistant line that can be hung in the shower, including shower caddies and soap dishes.

You can see all of the different Command™ products on their web site.   Be sure to watch the cool video!   You can buy them at the Container Store, your local hardware store, Amazon.com, and at many places on the web.

Before long, I’ll bet they’ll be among your favorite organizing products, too.

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