A Little Black Dress for Your Jewelry

Many of my clients wear the same pieces of jewelry over and over again because they can’t see all of their jewelry at once.  So they either forget about some items, or they don’t wear them because they can’t get to them easily.  Little Black Dress to the rescue!

This adorable product from The Container Store features 39 clear pockets on one side – perfect for earrings or brooches – and 24 loops on the other side for necklaces and bracelets.

Just hang it in your closet, and you’ve got easy access to all of your jewelry.  Plus, it takes up practically no room at all.

It’s so cute that I chuckle every time I see a picture of it!

One caveat: the clear vinyl pockets are open on top, so this product isn’t meant for traveling.  If you lay it down and try to roll it up, the earrings will fall out.

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