Shelves-to-GO Makes Traveling Easier

I spent part of this holiday week visiting my in-laws in Texas, and while absent-mindedly perusing the SkyMall catalog during one of my flights, I found what appears to be a great product.

Shelves-to-GO ( will thrill anyone who travels frequently — and even those of us who seldom travel.

  • Hang it in your closet at home, fill it with the items you want to pack, then lift it off and set it into your suitcase.
  • When you arrive in your hotel room, lift it out of your suitcase and hang it in the closet.

Having just lived out of a suitcase for several days, I can see the beauty of this.

Shelves-to-GO comes in two sizes:  18 inches long, or 20 inches long (to fit into the most common suitcase sizes).  Both are 12 inches deep.  It holds up to 35 pounds.

Don’t have an 18-20 inch space in your home closet to hang Shelves-to-GO while you’re packing?  No worries — it can easily be hung over a door.

If you order one, let me know how it works out!

  1. Gary
    Apr 25, 2011

    The beauty is that the straps extend so you can hang over a door or on wall hooks so that you do not need to clutter your closet. Please comtact me if you need any info about our product,

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