Back Up Your Computer Without Thinking

If you’ve ever had a computer crash, the first thought that comes into your mind is, “Yikes!  When was the last time I backed up my computer?”    The answer almost always is, “Not recently enough”, or worse yet, “Never”.

Thanks to the Internet, you never have to ask yourself that question again.  You can back up your computer to the so-called “cloud” and stop worrying.

For the last year and a half, I have been a satisfied user of Carbonite, one of the leading on-line backup programs.   When I first set up Carbonite, it spent about a week backing up my files.  Every time I turned on my computer, Carbonite would work in the background, quietly creating its baseline backup while I did other things.

Now, any time I create a new file, or make a change to an existing one, it is backed up by Carbonite within a few minutes.  Carbonite tags all of your file and folder icons with a colored dot in the corner.  A green dot means it is backed up, and a yellow dot means it is scheduled for backup.  It’s so reassuring to look at your files and see all of those green dots!   (If you find the dots distracting, they can be turned off, and they can be turned on again easily).

A couple of times, I made changes to a file and then regretted it.  It was very easy to go into my Carbonite backup, find the previous version of the file, and restore it.

Carbonite costs $54.95 for one year, and it is worth every penny.

So take “Back up my computer” off your perennial to-do list, and go to  It takes minutes to set up, and it will add years to your life by giving you peace of mind.

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