Gloves You Can Love

As a Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert, I am always on the lookout for products that have multiple functions or that make life easier.  Thus I was particularly impressed with two types of gloves that I came across recently.

Do you have an iPhone or other electronic device with a touch screen?  Frustrated at having to remove a glove to use it?   Then you’ll be interested to know that several companies make gloves that can be left on when operating your touch screen device!

I saw an ad for these type of gloves made by Echo, and when I googled them, I discovered that there are many brands, in different types of fabric, and at a range of prices.  Here’s a variety that should appeal to anyone on your holiday gift list:

Here’s another find.  Lands’ End sells an Ice Scraper Mitt  that is essentially a water-repellent mitten.  Here’s what they say:

“Cool nights bring frosty windshields. And the inevitable scraping means cold, wet fingers. No more!  Our Ice Scraper Mitt has a scraper built in.  The scraper handle’s inside the mitt, so your hand stays dry (thanks to the mitt’s water-repellant nylon shell) and warm (thanks to a cozy fleece lining).”

It has no thumb, so it can be used with either hand and fits right on top of  any glove you are wearing.  (Such as your touchscreen compatible gloves!)

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