Bringing Order to the College Application Process

Do have a child in high school?  Does the prospect of staying organized throughout the college application process fill you with dread?   Luckily, a couple of people who have faced this challenge have created a great product from which the rest of us can benefit.

The College Caboodle™ was developed by a professional organizer, Leah DeAngelis Kinder, and her sister, Monique DeAngelis Morey.   Both had daughters entering high school and were looking for a way to organize all of the papers related to the college search and admissions process.

I first saw the College Caboodle™ at the organizers’ conference earlier this year.  I was so impressed with it — and by the number of anxious hours that it can save families  of the college-bound  — that I became an affiliate so that I can offer it to all of my clients and the readers of my weekly tips.

So what is the College Caboodle™?   It’s an attractive file carrier with pre-labeled folders, a checklist and calendar for college-related events, and lists of resources.

  • Calendar of To Do’s from Freshman through Senior Year.
  • Prelabeled tabs for collecting essays, awards, scholarship info, financial aid papers, test results, applications, and other key documents.
  • List of the most important website resources.
  • File box to keep your papers in one place.

With the College Caboodle™, you’ll never have to worry about  misplaced papers or missed deadlines.   As your child progresses through the high school years, simply file away the appropriate papers in the College Caboodle™, and it will all be there when you are ready to start the college application process.

To see the College Caboodle™ in action, watch this helpful video.

Ready to buy this unique organizing system, or want to learn more?  Go to the College Caboodle™ web site, or contact me for more information.

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