Reduce Unwanted E-mail by Unsubscribing

Do you get e-mails from commercial web sites that you visited and inadvertently (or advertently) agreed to receive updates from?  Tired of slogging through all that unwanted mail in your inbox so that you can find the messages that are truly deserving of your attention?

Salvation is just a few clicks away.

Any commercial e-mail from a reputable source will have an Unsubscribe link at the bottom.  It will take you less than one minute to unsubscribe from the mailing list.  I’ve just done one and it took me about 15 seconds.  Others take a little longer, as they may ask you to enter your e-mail address, or they may ask you to check off which types of mailings you still want to receive (how about NONE?!)

Some people tell me that they don’t bother to unsubscribe from these nuisances — that they just delete them when they see them.

If you add up the time it takes you to identify what this e-mail is and hit the delete key, I guarantee that by the time you’ve done that to three of this company’s e-mails, you will have already spent more time than it would have taken you to unsubscribe.

And that just measures  time.  It doesn’t take into account the stress you feel every time you have to spend five minutes trimming the fat from your inbox to get to the meat.  (Or for you vegetarians out there – trimming the chaff to get to the wheat).

You can also prevent getting on these mailing lists in the first place by looking carefully for opt-out boxes when you are providing your e-mail address on a web site.  Many sites automatically opt you in unless you un-check a box.

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