Small Spaces, Fast Paces

Introducing my new e-book, Small Spaces, Fast Paces: New York Organizing Secrets.

This book contains the first two years worth of my “Organizing Tip of the Week”.  That’s 95 tips, organized into 13 topics, and easily navigatable thanks to the wonders of technology!

Why should you buy my e-book?

If you are a newcomer to my organizing gospel, you’ll get a jump start on your organizing efforts by having 95 very specific, practical organizing tips to help you to achieve your vision of your life.

If you’ve only recently tuned in to my tips, you’ll want to have access to all of the topics you’ve missed!

If you’ve been reading my Organizing Tip of the Week from the beginning, you will benefit from having them organized by topic and easily accessed with one click.

To learn more about my book, or to purchase it, click here.

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