Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Are you tired of rushing to your next appointment?  Do you experience continual stress because you cut it too close and are always in danger of arriving late?  Here’s a solution to improve your on-time record as well reduce your stress level.

We all want to get just one more thing done before it’s time to leave.  In most cases, that one more thing can wait until later.  Instead of staying busy until it’s time to go, stop what you are doing ten minutes before your departure time.  Use the time to gather the things you need to take with you, turn off the lights, and get your coat on.

Having some breathing room before you leave will put you in a much better frame of mind.  You may even find yourself leaving earlier than you had intended.  Don’t give in to the urge to fill in that extra time – just leave early.  You’ll actually have a buffer in case your subway train is delayed or you hit traffic. It’s a wonderful feeling not to have to rush or make excuses why you are late.

Last week, on an extremely hot day, I left 15 minutes earlier so that I could take a bus instead of having to wait on a hot subway platform.  It was delightful!  I was able to sit and read a book, and I felt so calm and relaxed when I arrived at my destination (early, in fact).

Life in the slow lane can be very rewarding.

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