Where Does The Time Go?

Do you often find that the end of the day comes along and you’ve gotten nothing done?

You are not alone!

I recently decided to find out where my time went by keeping a time log. I set up a sheet with a line for every fifteen minutes. Each time I started on a new task, I wrote it down in the appropriate slot.

What I discovered surprised me.

It wasn’t what I was spending my time on that surprised me. What surprised me was that the sheer act of keeping a log kept me focused on accomplishing the most important things I needed to get done that day.

When we don’t keep track of our time, we cheat ourselves by engaging in time-wasters like checking our e-mail excessively, surfing Facebook, text messaging, shopping online, etc.

Nobody wants to write time-wasters into their time log! When we make ourselves accountable for how we spend our time, we tend to do the right thing.

So start your day with a prioritized task list, and a time log. I guarantee that you’ll be surprised and pleased by how much of that task list you have accomplished by the end of the day.

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