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The Importance of Good Closet Design

I spent Veteran’s Day engaged in what might described as a busman’s holiday.  (For those not familiar with that quaint phrase, it means spending your vacation doing something very similar to your normal work.) In my case, the activity was cleaning out closets, sorting and packaging items for donation and recycling, and discarding the rest.  What made this activity different was that the items belonged to my mother, who passed away earlier this year.  I had help from my sister, and moral…

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The Reasonable Person Standard

In law, the “reasonable person standard” is used to judge a defendant’s behavior by asking whether “a reasonable person, under the same circumstances, would have acted in the same way as the defendant”. So what does this have to do with organizing?   I sometimes use the “reasonable person standard” to help my clients determine how much is too much.

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The Power of Labeling

Two of my basic organizing principles are:  (1) Every item must have a home, and (2) Keep like with like. By selecting a home for every item, you know where to look for it when you need it, and you know where to put it away when you are done.  By keeping like with like, you avoid creating multiple homes for similar things. I’ve discovered a great way to reinforce these two principles: labeling.

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