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Got New Electronics?

Technology changes so quickly these days that we’ve just barely mastered an acquisition before an updated version with amazing new features is out on the market.  No wonder we have a tendency to replace things that still work.   I myself have just done so with my landline phone, and I’m thrilled with my decision. However, one of the consequences of rapid technology advances is . . . clutter.  (You knew I was going to get around to that, didn’t you?)

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Disposing of Old Medications

What is the proper way to dispose of unwanted or expired medications, either prescription or over the counter? Although common wisdom has been to flush them down the toilet, it is now considered hazardous to our oceans and to ocean wildlife to do so. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is now advising that we dispose of them along with the rest of our household trash, but taking these precautions to prevent avoid accidental or intentional misuse:…

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