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Fun Products For Organizing Paper

I have a confession to make.   Organizing products make me happy.  And products for organizing paper make me practically ecstatic. One of my favorite products at this year’s NAPO conference was Smead’s Stadium™ File.  So when I was contacted about reviewing the Stadium File, along with Smead’s SuperTab® Folders and Viewables® Color Labeling System– with a Target $20 gift card thrown in for my pains — how could I resist?

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Making Our Closets Work Year Round

Here in New York City, spring has been toying with us. First it’s here, then it’s gone, then it’s here again. The last few days have been beautiful, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that spring stays this time! This ping-ponging of the temperature reminds us that there really isn’t a clear transition point from winter clothes to summer clothes. The majority of our clothes can be worn all year round (or at least on those days when the…

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