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How to Organize Anything
Better Homes and Gardens: Secrets of Getting Organized
Mar 01, 2012

Step 1: Empty. Whatever you are organizing, empty it completely to gain a full understanding of what you own.  “This is true for all storage spaces — kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets, even refrigerators,” says Sharon Lowenheim, a New York City organizer.  “What isn’t seen is forgotten.  So it’s important to get everything out in the open.” Step 2: Sort. Lowenheim suggests thinking of your life from this moment forward as a trip for which you need to pack.  “What items do…

Stop Putting it Off
Whole Living Magazine
Sep 01, 2011

Q: How can I stop procrastinating on the big things? A Professional Organizer Responds: Many of my clients tell themselves they’ll tackle the big projects as soon as they get organized. Some even say they plan on taking a weekend to do it. This will never happen. And that’s because we have it backward: The only way to get something done is to start doing it. Stephen Covey, author of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, says…

Professional Organizer Conquers Clutter
Crain's New York Business
May 08, 2011

The head of Organizing Goddess is ready to help clients tackle spring cleaning. Sharon Lowenheim has seen it all. In the four and a half years that she’s been a professional organizer, the New York native has come across sex toys, marijuana and dead mice as she’s helped pack rats put their apartments in order. But mostly, she has found satisfaction while assisting people in combing through their possessions, setting aside what’s important and eliminating the rest. She also helps…

Before the Bell
Better Homes and Gardens Magazine
Sep 01, 2011

Buy supplies early and get more than you need. Most schools don’t distribute a list of necessary supplies until the first day, but why wait? Buying early, say the beginning of August, means you’ll avoid the inevitable long lines and price hikes. “Last summer, I bought notebook and folders in every color,” says Sharon Lowenheim of Organizing Goddess, Inc. “Whatever my kid didn’t need, I brought back.” Staples even lets customers return items purchased online to a physical store, so…