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Using Stuff Up

I love to use stuff up. It’s a great feeling to finish the contents of a container and then recycle or toss it, as appropriate. Now there’s one less thing cluttering up my cabinets! The things I love to use up fall into two categories: Things I use frequently. Things I use rarely. For things I use frequently, I generally notice that I am running low and have already purchased a replacement. So when I use up the old one,…

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Coming Out of Hibernation

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve just emerged from a 16-month hibernation. When New York City shut down in March of last year, it was such a shock to have all of the hustle and bustle grind to a screeching halt. My daughter asked me how long I thought it would take before we were back to normal. I told her that the flu epidemic of 1918 lasted two years, so we should expect at least…

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Packing Up

We took our 18-year old daughter to college a few days ago. It was a huge undertaking – physically, emotionally, and of course, organizationally. As I’ve mentioned before, I deal with emotional upheaval by getting organized. (See Love, Loss, and Organizing). Getting my daughter and all her stuff to school was a logistical puzzle that kept me focused and helped keep the emotions at bay. Before I go on vacation, admiring friends often say to me one or two weeks before, “I bet…

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Keeping It Simple

What’s important to us changes over time.  When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I was willing to put much more time into my appearance – my hair, my nails, my clothes.  Now I like to keep my routines as simple as possible. When I’m working with clients, I find that they have piles of clothes, footwear, and accessories that need some sort of action – actions that they feel they “should” take care of but keep putting off.  (I’ve written about…

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Organizing Your Makeup

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My 14 1/2-year old daughter and I share a bathroom, since we use a lot of the same products.  When she was younger, we were able to keep all of our makeup in a check box in our medicine cabinet.   (That’s right, the box that my checks came in).   However, two events have forced us to outgrow such a small box.  One, my daughter became old enough to babysit, and she now has more disposable income than she used to.  Two,…

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