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Last week, I watched a documentary about the style icon Iris Apfel. She is an interior designer who has amassed a collection of one-of-a-kind clothing which she pairs with gobs of unusual jewelry pieces. Her sense of style is so unique that the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute featured her collection in an exhibit in 2005. According to Wikipedia, “Apfel consults and lectures about style and other fashion topics”. By the way, she is 95 years old. I was fascinated by the close-up portrait of…

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Wear and Wear Again

When my daughter was little, every item of clothing she was wearing went into the clothes hamper at the end of the day. Small children get into a lot messy situations, so we just assumed that whatever she had on was in need of laundering. When you get to be a grownup, it’s not so straightforward. The bedrooms and closets of many of my clients are strewn with clothing that is not quite clean but not quite dirty. What are some…

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Any Color You Want

Henry Ford allegedly said that you could have the Model T in any color you want, as long as it’s black. While I have long laughed at that statement, I have recently become aware of the elegance and simplicity of it. And it’s all because of my socks. For years, I have worn only three colors of pants: black, navy blue, and gray. As a result, I have been buying only three colors of socks. Pretty simple, right? The problem occurs…

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The Short Shelf Life of Clothes

Six years ago, I wrote a blog post called “Why Vegetables Are Better Than Clothes“. The bottom line: unlike vegetables, which go bad and induce you to throw them out before they overstay their welcome, clothes have no way of reminding you that they are past their expiration date. I had a vivid reminder of this fact recently. I had been invited to a friend’s wedding, so I tried on all of my nice dresses to see what looked good. As…

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Shoe Bags Are Not Just For Shoes

When is a shoe bag not a shoe bag? I specialize in organizing small spaces, so I’m always looking for creative ways to store my clients’ items. I love using the inside of closet doors to gain extra space. Shoe bags are a favorite of mine to get shoes off the floor and keep them visible. But shoe bags are not just for shoes. Anything small that can get easily misplaced can be stored in a shoe bag. I recommend clear plastic shoe bags…

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