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Lightening the Load

When my daughter was a toddler, she used to crack us up by saying, “I do it myself,” immediately followed by “Help!”   Her desire for independence was strong, but not strong enough to overcome her youthful lack of competence. As grownups, it can be hard to admit when we need help.  I’ve written before about the ways in which I have sought professional assistance to accomplish important personal goals (see my prior tip, “Getting Help When You Need It“).  A…

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Word of the Year

I’ve written in the past about New Year’s Resolutions and how they are destined to fail without proper planning.  (See Say “No” to New Year’s Resolutions and Setting Monthly Goals Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions). This year, I’m trying something different.  I’ve chosen a “Word of the Year” using Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool.  (Thanks to my organizing colleague Janine Adams of St. Louis for bringing this to my attention). My word of the year is Balance.  It encompasses the business and…

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Say “No” to New Year’s Resolutions

What is it about the turning of the calendar from December 31 to January 1 that makes us think that we suddenly have the ability to exercise more, spend more time with our families, and get organized? There is nothing magical about that switch from one day to another, yet most of us continue to set ourselves up for failure by vowing to be different people in the new year. Here’s a much more achievable way to make changes to your…

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