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Get Those Photos Off Your Phone

For most of the years I spent in Corporate America before starting my organizing business, I worked in Information Technology. One of my favorite managers from that time taught me an important lesson: when you automate a mess, it’s still a mess. I think it’s easy for people to look at boxes and bags of old photos and negatives and realize that they have an organizing project on their hands. But what about the thousands of photos that are on…

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The Last Scrapbook

When we adopted our daughter as a 12-month old from a Chinese orphanage back in 1998, we had very little information about her background, and just a handful of photos. I decided that I would compensate for that by making her the most well-documented child in New York City history. Throughout my life, I had always made photo albums of my pictures, but I knew that I needed to take it to a higher level. Fortuitously, through a well-placed brochure…

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