In Praise of Automatic Bill Pay

Have you ever felt stressed because you knew you had bills due but weren’t sure where the bills were or if you had missed the deadline?  Have you ever been charged a late fee?  Have you ever spent hours on the phone trying to straighten out a bill payment that was never received?

If these sound like common occurrences in your life, I have three words for you: automatic bill pay.

I’m happy to say that I have all of my recurring bills taking care of themselves.  It saves time, eliminates errors, and reduces stress.

Some of my clients say that they don’t want the companies to automatically deduct the money because they want to review the bill first, before any money gets paid.  I tell them that the bill will not get paid until the day it is due.  They will have just as much time to review the bill and correct any discrepancies as they would if they paid it themselves.

Other clients say they don’t want to use automatic bill pay because they are afraid the billing companies will take more than they are entitled to.  In all my years of using this service with my various creditors, this has never happened.

I think some people fear automatic bill pay simply because it is not something they grew up with, and they are suspicious of something new.  They prefer doing it the old-fashioned way.

Technology has made our lives so much more complicated.  Why not let technology make your life easier?

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