Corral Those Cables

Did you ever notice that photos of computers on web sites or in magazines never have any visible cables?  They say that sex sells, and it is indeed pretty sexy to see computer equipment with no cables piled up around them.

The real world is a bit more messy.  Even those of us who operate wirelessly still have to plug our computers and printers into wall outlets, and we still have to manage all those cords that connect our phones, tablets, and cameras to our computers.  Because those small and skinny cables are continually being disconnected from our portable devices, they have a tendency to fall on the floor.

Enter the Magnetic Organizing System, a.k.a. the MOS.  Even though I have put in place several solutions to the cable problem, some more elegant than others, I was excited when I was recently contacted about having the MOS sent to me for review. I was looking forward to seeing if it was an improvement on what I was already using.


The MOS in aluminum

I’m happy to say that it is the most elegant of solutions!  As  you can see from the photo, the MOS is a simple magnetic triangle to which the ends of cables will be attracted.  Some are more attracted than others.  My iPhone cable holds on with no problem.  My Kindle cable, however, is not as cooperative.  To overcome this, the MOS comes with small magnetic cable ties that easily snap on to the recalcitrant cables.  (That’s what the little orange doodad is in the photo.)

The MOS uses micro-suction padding to stick to your furniture without leaving any residue.  If you want to put it on the wall, you can use the mounting circle which is included.  MOS comes in aluminum (as pictured), white plastic, and black plastic.  There is now also a MOS Menos, which is smaller version for use in your car or for travel.

I’ve been told that the MOS is the only cable organizer that Apple sells in its stores.   On-line, the MOS is available from its manufacturer, Sewell Direct, as well as from Amazon and other resellers.

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