Cash In Your Collections

Have you been saving something for years because “it will be worth a lot of money someday?”  Ah, yes, that mythical “someday”.

I often encounter this with my clients.   It could be something (or a collection of things) that they have been saving since childhood.  Or it could be something they have inherited in recent years.

It’s never been easier to check the value of your collectibles.  Just go to eBay and search for items like yours.  You’ll see how much people are selling them for and how much buyers are bidding.  You’ll also see how flooded the market is.  You can use the Advanced Search function to see what prices they have sold for recently.

In many cases, you will find that your collection has not held its value, or that it has not grown as valuable over time as you had expected.

If your items are not the type that sell on eBay, then contact a dealer and find out if your collection is worth what you think it is.  It doesn’t mean you have to sell it now, but at least you’ll have some information to help you with the decision.

We all have too little space and too much stuff.  If your items have grown in value, as you expected, then sell them and reap the rewards!  If they haven’t, then sell them for what you can, or donate them and get a tax deduction.

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